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  • The Battle for Net Neutrality

  • November 7th 2009

    Sami Mikhail presented the “Your Web Presence, a primer for authors.” workshop for the Writers Guild of Texas. Click here to view the Presentation Click here to view the Presentation Handout

  • One Destination

    “One Destination”: An Alternate Reality Game Quiz. Professional Educator Julie McLeod needed a simple, yet graphical, web based quiz application. Hakuna Matata built a Java Script based solution for her. As part of the math curriculum program, Julie led the students through the design process of an “Alternate Reality Game.” The requirements for the Quiz…

  • West Plano Presbyterian Church

    West Plano Presbyterian Church West Plano Presbyterian Church is my home church. We are an intentional faith community – doxological, liturgical, sacramental, and missional – which welcomes questions, invites inquiry, defends mercy, advocates justice, and loves beauty …  

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why the name? When I started thinking about the approach I wanted to take for this business, I did the typical brainstorming sessions and thought hard about core values. The brainstorming led to the understanding that the biggest core value we have to offer is simplicity. There are many ways to get on the web,…

  • Support

    Please feel free to contact us with any of your needs: support@hakunamatataweb.com

  • Web Design

    We will work with you to fit the look and feel of your new web site to your message. After discussing your needs and goals we will present you with a design proposal and work with you through the production and development of your new web site.

  • Hosting

    We tailor our hosting packages to your needs, rather than having set packages. Generally we recommend starting small and expanding the services as your traffic increases. We will monitor your site usage and work with you to accommodate the growth.

  • Front Page

    Hakuna Matata Web, web site hosting and design: no problems. We want to be your partner in getting to a web presence. And we want to make it fun. Let us know how we can help.

  • Hakuna Matata

    My name is Sami Mikhail. I started Hakuna Matata Web because I see a need for friendly, simple web design and hosting. I have 25 years of experience in the computer world as a programmer/software engineer/application architect/solution architect. I have built several web based enterprise applications over the last 10 years. Those years have taught…

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